Blind Spots

There are two main blind spots in a car, one over the drivers right shoulder and one over the drivers left shoulder.

Blind spots are called blind spots because they are in the areas that are not covered in the mirrors.

So when you check your door mirrors it shows you what’s behind you but it doesn’t show you what’s beside you.

The best way to check your blind spot is if you are sitting in the drivers seat and you imagine that ahead is twelve o’clock then the right blind spot will be like it’s four o clock and the left blind spot is like it’s eight o’clock.

The right blind spot is in between the drivers window and the window directly behind the drivers window.

The left blind spot is in between the left passenger door window and the window directly behind the passengers window.

Blind spots should only be checked when the vehicle is stationary and never on the move. Checking your blind spot when you’re on the move can be quite dangerous as you are taking your face away from the road and you might feel a bit dizzy when you look back out the windscreen. This is because it can be a bit of a strain to check your blind spot as your neck is revolving quite a lot to the left and right and it is quite uncomfortable for a lot of people.

When you are stationary and you check your blind spots try to look for any movement or signs to see if someone is there or plans to move off at the same time as you. If you notice someone in your blind spot trying to move off at the same time as you then it may be prudent to wait until it’s clear.

Some drivers feel that it is necessary to check their blind spots when they are planning on changing lanes especially whilst driving on faster roads with many lanes like a dual carriageway or a motorway as there could be a vehicle in their blind spot. The best way to check here is to lean forward towards the steering wheel and then check the door mirrors. This will also give you a similar view of what the blind spot would show you without making the movement of looking over your shoulders which is considered not safe whilst driving especially when you’re driving at high speeds.