Finding a suitable driving test isn’t for everyone

By using our service we will find, reserve and book you a test without you doing any of the hard work

If it’s an earlier driving test that you’re after then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t just book you a driving test, we source them out, reserve them, text and email you the date, time and test centre and if it’s the one you want then we will book it.

By signing up with us you have the choice of refusing any tests that you or your instructor can’t do and refusing them will mean we will send you more dates.

It’s the freedom of knowing that tests are being found for you without having to keep logging into the DVSA website checking to see if any suitable tests are available.

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We are Earlier Driving Test and this is what we offer

  • 90 percent of our customers receive earlier driving test dates within the first week of signing up
  • We aim to send you as many earlier driving test dates as possible
  • Full refund if we can’t find you an earlier driving test
  • Friendly staff always on hand to deal with any issues or queries
  • Our instructors have been recommending us to their learners for years
  • If you have been struggling to find an earlier driving test then we are the right people for you
  • Unlike lots of our competitors we like to send you as many earlier driving test dates as possible in order for you to choose the right one
  • No other company finds more earlier driving test dates than us
Find an earlier driving test with us

Why choose us over another cancellations sites?

Well apart from being the longest serving cancellations site that’s been trading for nearly a decade, we are fully guaranteed to send you as many suitable tests as possible. We are used and recommended by thousands of driving instructors and learners.

From the day we set up we knew we wanted to be here for the long term so pleasing our customers with lots of early test dates would in return result in great customer feedback, reviews and recommendations.

We work hard so you don’t have to

You’re paying us to work for you and that’s exactly what we do. From the moment you sign up we start looking for cancellations suitable to the dates you’ve selected and we will be notifying you every time we get one.

Feel free to book any one you like and remember you can keep changing your mind if you later wish to change it at no extra cost. Our aim is to find you as many test dates as possible and that’s why we are called Earlier Driving Test.