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Yes, you need to have a test booked before we can find you any earlier tests at your desired test centres because you need to give the DVSA your information and pay the test fee to them directly.

You should use the DVSA website to book a test at a test centre of your choice (if you have not done so already) before you sign up to this service. We do not recommend using any third-party website to book your test.

No, our fee covers the service we provide only. You must pay the test fee directly to the DVSA using your credit/debit card when you initially book your test.

If you haven't already done so, you should use the DVSA website to book a test at a test centre of your choice. We do not recommend using any third-party website to book your test.

Email us (see our contact page) a note of the changes you would like to make and our Customer Support team will be happy to update our records for you.

Unfortunately not. The DVSA do not maintain a driving test cancellations list. A short period of time after a driving test has been cancelled it reappears on the DVSA website and then can be reserved by anyone that spots it. This is why Earlier Driving Test scans the DVSA website very regularly in order to reserve a suitable test date and send a notification to you.

No, you don’t. This happens all the time especially when you have booked a test because you can’t get through to your driving instructor. If you are not able to take the test we have booked for you then we suggest moving the test back to a later date, sending us an email with your new criteria and we can start the search again for you at no extra cost.

All driving test candidates need to give the DVSA a minimum of three working days notice when changing or cancelling their test to avoid forfeiting their test fee paid to the DVSA. Occasionally when a candidate knows for sure that they can’t make their test in a short notice window they may still decide to cancel their test in order for another candidate to take that slot. If you have opted for one of our short notice test packages then we can offer you a short notice test when one becomes available. Do bear in mind that once it has been booked, it can’t be cancelled without losing the DVSA test fee.

We also offer an automatic booking service. Just give us the dates and times you would like your test booked for and as soon as a driving test cancellation comes along that meets your criteria, we will book it for you, send you a text and email to confirm the details and you’re all set. If for any reason you’re not able to take that test then move it back to a later date, contact us and we can start the Earlier Driving Test search again for you at no extra cost.

No. You are a priority to us up until the day of your test and we would still like to send you more driving test cancellation dates until you’ve booked one. In fact, even after you’ve booked an earlier driving test we can still send you even more earlier driving test dates (if available) in can you wish to change your mind. We are nice like that.

We aim to send you as many earlier driving tests as possible (an average of 9 per customer) in order for you to be more selective. Just keep your criteria window open as wide as you can (we suggest at least 2 weeks) and we aim to send you as many earlier driving tests as possible.

Despite claims from some of the competition, we are the longest standing driving test cancellations website in the UK and we work on reputation not false advertising. We have been trading successfully since 2010, as a registered limited company and are of the belief that if we look after our customers, our customers will always recommend us. Due to customer demand we are increasing our use of social media. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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