Pros and Cons of Doing an Intensive Driving Course

There are people out there that want to pass the test as soon as possible and there are others who are happy to take their time.

Advantages of doing an intensive course.

Usually a one off payment and all the admin jobs are taken care of for you

Usually suits more experienced learners who have had plenty of driving experience before

Swapping with another learner and sitting in the back of a car could help you more than just being behind the steering wheel the entire lesson.

The possibility of passing your test in days rather than months

Disadvantages of doing an intensive crash course

Too much information to be absorbed in a short space of time often leads to confusion and lack of preparation for the test.

Ridiculously long driving days might result in a lack of concentration and are usually very stressful

Running the risk of not being ready for the test in time

Over priced courses

Very low pass rates according to some driving school websites.

In the ideal world we would all like to pass things sooner rather than later but it’s not always the safest option.

Learning to drive is one of the most dangerous skills that most of us will ever do so do we really want to spend days trying to master it rather than taking our time with it over the course of a few months?

Most experts agree that learning to drive is a gradual process and that it should not be rushed. Most of us need time to learn a subject thoroughly and having time to think about learning to drive when we are not in our lessons helps us to evaluate our driving lessons better and allows time for our brain to digest the information.

Plus you’ll have more time in between lessons to read on particular subjects, watch YouTube videos or ask people about anything you would like more practice on.

You can also lose out on different driving experiences like changes of weather conditions if you do a short three or four day course.

Obviously everyone is different and some people would benefit more from an intensive course especially those that have driven before with a driving instructor, friends or family or those who hold an overseas licence. There are a lot of driving schools that offer intensive driving courses but they usually come at a premium and you may have to spend some time away from home.

For the majority of novice learners our advice would be to try to not overly rush with your driving lessons, so maybe two – four hours a week, keeping your lessons regular is usually the best option.