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We will only send you tests matching your criteria and will only book them once you’ve given us the green light, which makes a change to some other sites that book you the first test they find.

Have you driven at night before?

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So, you’ve signed up with us and now here’s some tips to help you prepare for the driving test

Have you been practising in different weather conditions? It’s not always possible as here in the UK we can never predict the weather but if you have then that’s a huge bonus. Imagine only practising driving in dry weather and then on the day of your test it’s torrential rain!

Another good tip is to occasionally drive in the evening when it’s quite dark rather than only driving in the daytime. This will help improve your road awareness.

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Booking a test that you’re not quite ready for

If you booked a test from us that matched your previous criteria but now you find that it may be a bit early for you then don’t fret. Just move it back to a later date, give us your new criteria and then we start the search again for you.

It’s all part of the service and we never charge you any extra for this. We would prefer you take a test that you are ready for rather than one that you’ve just booked. Thanks for taking the time to read about our highly recommended driving test cancellations app and if you need any further assistance just get in touch.