Thinking of Taking the Driving Test in Your Own Car?

It’s not uncommon for learners to want to take the test in their own car and here are some of the reasons.

Saves money. If you have a car sitting outside your house and you’ve been practising in it with friends or family then it’s not a bad idea to use it on the test. You are completely allowed to use your own car on the driving test as long as it meets certain criteria which will be listed a bit further down this post.

Feels more familiar. If you’ve been practising quite a lot in your own car you may feel you prefer to use it on the test rather than your driving instructors car and this is perfectly fine, just make sure that you are familiar will all the cars controls like headlights, main beams, rear fog lights, activating the power assisted steering, windscreen wipers and how to wash the front and rear windscreen, opening and closing the windows and demisting the front windscreen. You may also be asked to open the bonnet and explain how you check the oil, where the brake fluid reservoir and where the engine coolant is so it’s a good idea to practice this as it won’t give a good impression if you don’t.

As well as needing suitable car insurance you will also need to ensure that everything works in the car like brake lights, fog lights, indicators, window, windscreen wipers, seat belts and so on.

The examiner will have a thorough check of your car to ensure that it is up to road safety standards so do make sure there are no cuts and bulges on any of the 4 wheels because if you car does not meet road safety standards then the examiner can refuse to take you out for the test and you will lose your test fee as well.

Once your car is road safe you will then need to have at least two L plates, one facing the front of the car and one facing the rear. Do make sure they are of legal L plates standard and not some photocopy and make sure they are secured firmly as flying off during the test will result in your test being void.

You should also provide an interior mirror for the examiner to use as they will wish to look in the rear window too for safety reasons. You can always pop down to a motor spares shop to buy one. If you’ve not been able to buy one you can ask the examiner at the start of the test to provide one but our advice is to come prepared as there is always a chance the examiner might not have a spare one.