Pulling Forward into a Bay

Since the 4th December 2017 the DVSA have introduced pulling forward into a bay as one of the possible manoeuvres on the driving test.

You may get this exercise in the test centre car park if it has one or at a public car park.

Line your car up to be adjacent to the bays you wish to pull forward into to and try to be at least a metre or more away from them. This will help if you need to adjust the exercise later.

You have the choice of pulling either into the bays on the right side of you or the bays that are on the left.

When you have your reference point have a good all round check before you start turning. It is very important that you are checking around you for any pedestrians, dogs or car park users at this point. When its all clear you can start to steer towards your chosen bay. Move off very slowly, preferably at clutch control speed and ensure that your car is entering the white lines of the bay you have chosen.

Straighten up when the car is parallel to the bay. You may be able to check in your mirrors if the back tyres are in at this point. If you are happy that all four wheels will be in the bay then pull forward so the back wheels of the car is in at this point.

If you feel that one or more of the wheels is either touching the white lines or over it, you can reverse far back enough so that you can pull forward again adjusting it so that you are in this time.

Remember that if you do need to reverse to fix the exercise it is imperative that you check around you to ensure its safe for both when you reverse back and when you pull forward into position again. If you are likely to affect anything during this exercise then it may be bets to pause until its safe.

Once you are satisfied that the exercise is complete, you’ll need to apply the handbrake and put the car into neutral to show that the exercise is complete. In some cases, the examiner may choose to open the door or even walk around the car to make sure that all four wheels are in the bay.