Pulling Up on the Right and Reversing Back Two Car Lengths

This is a new exercise on the practical driving test that was introduced on the 4th December 2017. At any point on the driving test the examiner may ask you to pull up somewhere safe on the right hand side of the road.

Before doing so it is important that you find somewhere safe to pull up and ensure that it is safe around you before you pull up. This includes checking that it’s safe in front of you and also in your right hand mirror making sure nothing is overtaking you and when it’s completely safe you can then give a right signal and start to move over to the right in good time.

Make sure that when you do pull up on the right your car is as straight as possible as you’ll be asked to reverse back and you don’t want your car going zig zags. Plus try to avoid pulling up near a junction, bend or bus stop and also avoid stopping too close behind another vehicle as this will make it hard to see in front of you. Finally try to finish with your car up to a steering wheels width from the kerb as being too close or too far from the kerb may make reversing a lot more trickier.

Once you have stopped and secured the vehicle the examiner will then ask you to reverse back in a straight line for 2 car lengths keeping the car reasonably close to the kerb.

Once you have prepared the car to reverse and have checked around you, you can start reversing as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Reverse back very slowly using clutch control speed and keeping the wheel straight making only minor movements when necessary. Check around you regularly including the right mirror ensuring that you won’t hit the kerb or go too far away from the kerb. If you have a reference point to help you judge the distance from the kerb then use that. Keep reversing back and checking regularly and feel free to pause if you are likely to affect any road users or pedestrians.

Once you have reversed 2 car lengths you can stop and secure the vehicle. The examiner will then ask you drive on when you’re ready.

Prepare the vehicle and check around you thoroughly as you are cutting across the wrong side of the road to get to your side so creep out slowly regularly checking your left blind spot and merge out onto the main road as soon as you’re sure it’s safe to do so.

Once you’re out on the main road, get up to a safe speed as soon as it’s safe to do so.