When to Stop at Give Way Junctions

Give Way junctions mean Give Way to the traffic that has the priority. So imagine if you’re approaching a Give Way junction from a minor road then you should Give Way to any traffic on the main road. It’s important to understand this as you’ll have to handle this correctly on your driving test.

If you approach a Give Way junction and there is no one there to Give Way to then there is no reason to stop but if you approach a Give Way junction and there is traffic on the main road that you would affect then yes you should stop and wait until it’s safe to continue.

The best way to approach Give Way junctions is to reduce speed on the approach. Approaching the Give Way junction at walking pace will give you more time to check to see if the main road is safe especially if the area isn’t too built up and you can see before you arrive.

If you approach the Give Way junction fast then you will enviably have to stop as you won’t have much time to see what’s on the main road and your speed will be too fast and dangerous that if something on the main road was coming then you could have a serious accident.

Closed Give Way junctions are far more common as most areas are built up therefore you can’t see if it’s safe until you arrive so by approaching nice and slowly will give you more time to see and assess the main road. If in doubt stop and wait. If you have stopped at a closed Give Way junction and your view is restricted by parked cars then you can creep out very slowly which will help increase your visibility. Try using clutch control here and be especially careful of vehicles on the main road, after all it is there priority.

Open Give Way junctions are a lot more rare than closed Give Way junctions as an open junction means you can see all the way to the right and all the way to the left at least three car lengths before you arrive and approaching at a sensible speed will give you more time to assess how safe it is and more time to plan whether to go or stop. If at an open junction you can see its clear both sides and there is no reasons to wait then you can go in 2nd gear but if its not safe then stop and wait behind the Give Way lines.