Wrong Petrol

Putting fuel in a car may seem like a simple thing to get right but believe me if you get this wrong it could cost you greatly.

The two types of fuel that people often mix up is diesel and unleaded.

If your car takes diesel and you put unleaded petrol in your car by accident or vice versa then the first thing you must do is to not start the engine. By not starting your engine you can save yourself a mini fortune. What you can do is either call up your breakdown recovery service and ask them to come and remove the fuel or you can contact a company that is specific to removing incorrect fuel and then they can come and use their pumps to suck it out. The cost of this is usually around the one hundred pound mark.

If you end up starting your car or even try to drive off, you will probably find that you do not end up going very far as the wrong petrol doesn’t work for long. Eventually when you car breaks down you’ll need to contact some assistance as you wont be able to drive it again until the engine is cleaned as the wrong type of fuel will run through the engine damaging parts of the engine as it goes along. You’ll soon need a mechanic here and the mechanic will have to tear the engine apart, fixing what has been damaged and cleaning out the areas that needs to be flushed. This can take a few days of work for the mechanic and can cost you up to two thousands pounds.

So to summarise, it is very important not to put the wrong fuel in your car as this is not only costly but very time consuming too.

If you do make the dreaded mistake of putting the wrong petrol in your car then just remember not to start your engine. Contact the professionals that can help you immediately and let them suck the fuel out. This will save you a mini fortune and you’ll have your car back a lot sooner too.

Petrol stations tend to have contact details of different fuel removal companies that will be local to where you are for if this ever happens and they can hopefully get to you quickly so you can get the car sorted and continue your journey sooner.