Driving Test Cancellations - A Step-By-Step Guide To Acquiring Your UK Driving Licence

If you are someone that has recently turned seventeen, we are sure that there is only one though that is currently circulating around your head, and it relates to being let loose on the open road. However, this is a distant dream that requires time and effort to transform into a reality; whilst you might not realise it, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous steps that need to be completed prior to being mailed your brand-new driving licence. Contrary to popular belief, all of these hold the same level of importance as the others, and should therefore be treated with the same respect.

You will be hard-pressed to find an organisation in the UK that possess the same level of in-depth knowledge regarding the automotive industry as Earlier Driving Test. Though you might have heard of us as being a company that can help to source practical driving tests, we believe that we have the qualities necessary to provide a detailed account of how to acquire a driving licence. For those of you that are curious to learn more about this matter, feel free to direct your attention to our thoughts below.

Obtain Your Provisional

Provisional driving licence

Before you start getting to the truly interesting parts associated with obtaining a full driving licence, you must first go through the application phase relating to the provisional. This, for those of you that were unaware, is a restricted permit that allows you to drive with certain conditions. For instance, you will not be able to get behind the wheel unaccompanied; instead, you will need to be in the presence of an individual that is twenty one years old or above. Not only this, but they will have needed to have had their own full licence for a minimum of three years. Although they usually sit in the passenger seat, it is allowed to remain in the back of the vehicle, provided that they are able to gain a full, unobstructed view of the road.

What many young drivers fail to take into account is that a provisional licence is not free of charge - instead, you will be instructed to pay the sum of thirty four pounds. You will also need to have access to important documentation that provides a proof of address, as well as your date of birth. This will ensure that the DVLA can add you to their database with ease, allowing your journey to continue. Once this relatively simple step has been completed, you can turn your attention to more pressing matters.

Start Your Driving Lessons

Woman happy after passing her driving test

For many individuals, this is the moment that they have been waiting for - the opportunity to approach the driver-side door, rather than be content with sitting in their designated passenger seat. In order to give yourself the best-possible chance to achieve a passing-grade first time around, you will want to spend some time browsing through your options before settling on a driving instructor. After all, this is someone that will be teaching you from scratch - you don’t want to find later down the line that their style of tutoring is one that does not conform to your needs or expectations.

During the vetting process, we recommend that you look for someone that conforms to your personality. If you are something of an extrovert, you might like an instructor that engages you in idle chit-chat whilst you drive, as this can help you to remain relaxed, rather than be overcome by anxiety. Alternatively, you may prefer someone with a bit of a firmer hand - these types of individuals can ensure that you remain on the straight and narrow, which is not something that you should take for granted.

Throughout this stage of the process, it is of paramount importance that you take the time to appreciate each lesson. Whether you prefer your sessions to be an hour long, or are trying to push yourself with those that are two hours in duration, you will need to try and absorb knowledge as quickly as possible. If you are lax, do not be surprised that it will take a long time before you are ready to book a test. Should you be able to get your parents to take you driving in their free time, the benefits will not take long to make themselves apparent.

Pass The Theory Test

Whilst some people advocate that it is the practical driving test that causes the most anxiety, others will testify that the theory element of your journey is no walk in the park. This is an exam which is split into two parts; one section focuses on your general understanding of the Highway Code, and the other ensures that you can spot hazards which are developing in front of you during your time on the road. Both of these need a high degree of focus - without this, you will find yourself repeating this step over-and-over again. The reason for this is that without a valid theory certification, you cannot attempt to book your practical examination.

In truth, the best way in which to prepare yourself for your upcoming theory test is to put in the hours of hard-graft. This could mean, for instance, that you download one of the DVLA-approved mobile applications, and take the time to practice your skills in mock tests. This can help you to identify areas that perhaps your knowledge is lacking, meaning that you can constantly look to improve your skills. Not only this, but it is recommended that you continue to drive as much as possible; the most-efficient way that you can bolster your hazard perception capabilities is to put them to the test in real-life scenarios.

Navigate The Practical Exam

This is the moment that you have been building up to - the months of work that you have put in all boils down to this final hour. First-and-foremost, we suggest that you leave ample amounts of time to reach the test centre; the last thing you want is to be tardy on the day of your exam, as this will not help you to make a positive first impression on your examiner. By eating a small breakfast in the morning, perhaps consisting of some fruit, you can line your stomach and give your brain a much-needed boost.

Above all else, you should arrive at your practical test feeling confident; after all, it is not as if you are going in unprepared. Not only will you have navigated the obstacle that is the theory element, but you will have also had the opportunity to hone your skills on the road over the past few months. Your instructor will have imparted the skills and wisdom that are needed to prove that you are capable of independent driving. We believe that once you have come through the various steps which have become before this, you should not have any trouble in demonstrating your capabilities to your examiner. If you are still a little nervous, it may be worthwhile having the instructor sit in the backseat; by doing this, if the worst does come to pass, they can see the errors that you make and help you to rectify them in the future.

We’re Here To Help

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By now, you should be well-acquainted with what is expected of you when you are trying to get your driving licence here in the UK. On the face of it, it is natural to be a little overwhelmed by this information - after all, there are various steps which you need to complete before you reach your end goal. However, provided that you put the time and effort in, your overall experience should be one that passes quicker than you would expect. A shrewd way in which to get your licence in a shorter space of time is to make use of an early driving test finder, and this is where Earlier Driving Test enters into the picture.

Since we first opened for business, we have had the privilege of assisting thousands of aspiring drivers in finding a driving test which they do not have to excessively wait for. Waiting times are often cited as a frustrating element of the learning process, hence why getting an early driving test date is seen to be incredibly desirable. In Earlier Driving Test, you have a company which has the tools and expertise necessary to get you to your driving test centre sooner than expected.

If you are committed to reducing your waiting time, or believe that you have taken enough driving lessons to start entertaining the idea of getting your driving test booked, we would love to hear from you. Were you to give us a call today on 0207 112 4870, you would be able to gain a better understanding of what our services entail. Hopefully, the information provided will convince you that Earlier Driving Test are best-suited to help you.