Driving Test Cancellations - Why Are So Many Driving Instructors Refusing to Take Learners to Test?

As we all know the demand for driving test dates are at an all time high and driving test cancellations are rare to find these days. Many driving instructors are complaining that they are being contacted by learner drivers asking them to take them for a test that is only weeks or even days away. They claim that these learners are saying that their driving instructors are either ill or are double booked and therefore cant take them to test. From what we have been seeing whilst talking with driving instructors is that this isn’t normally the case and the learners’ driving instructor has asked them to move their test back but the learner is reluctant as they don’t want to wait months to take their test so they are now fishing around driving instructors seeing if one of them will be willing to take them to their driving test. Therefore, the instructor is aware that the learner driver is most probably not ready for their driving test and that is a potential fail which wont look good on the instructors pass rate record.

Why do some instructors take learners to test if they don’t believe that they will pass?

The driving instructor can remove their ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) badge from the windscreen when a learner goes for test therefore if that pupil passes or fails their driving test then it has no advantages or disadvantages on the instructors record and wont pose a problem if the learner fails.

How can I get an earlier driving test date at the test centre of my choice?

Keep checking the DVSA website regularly, check in the morning as they open the website from 6am as many say that is the best time to find driving test cancellations as that’s the time they release more dates or use a driving test cancellation site to do the leg work for you. There are many out there. Read reviews, ask friends for recommendations as they may have had experience with using them. We at Earlier Driving Test have been finding driving test cancellations of learner driver and driving instructors for 14 years and we are the longest serving test cancellation site in business so you can feel safe and assured that if you want us to find you earlier test dates then we can do that for you. Just visit us on www.earlierdrivingtest.co.uk.