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We think that it’s important that all potential customers are fully informed of the situation regarding driving tests before signing up to our service.

This service searches for earlier test dates matching the criteria you provide when you sign up – the searching starts immediately. We only contact you when we have found a test matching your criteria and reserved it for you – the DVSA allow tests to be reserved for 15 minutes. Test dates become available as other candidates change/cancel their bookings. We DO NOT have test dates instantly available to give you straight away. Before the pandemic we were able to get most customers booked in for their test within a couple of weeks. Now, most customers will have to wait around a month and sometimes longer. This is the new normal for driving tests.

As you will be aware, driving tests were not taking place during the national lockdowns that have been in place on and off since March 2020. This has caused a substantial backlog of tests. On 24th June, Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary announced in parliament that there were 440,000 people waiting to take their driving test. Having waited so long to take their test, all candidates with a test booked are extremely reluctant to postpone any longer – even if they aren’t truly ready to take their test – and no-one can force them to do so. This has resulted in far fewer earlier tests becoming available for our service (and our competitors) to find – so it takes longer for us to provide you with earlier dates.

This is a frustrating time for all of us. The DVSA are working to clear the backlog, but this situation is likely to continue well into next year. They are planning to increase the number of driving examiners – but of course it takes time to recruit and train them to the required standard. There are also experiments taking place at some test centres around test start times – an attempt to increase the number of tests existing driving examiners perform each day.

We cannot guarantee that other candidates will decide to cancel the tests that you would like to book. We can, however, guarantee that you can claim a 50% refund under the terms of our Money-back guarantee if we can’t find you a test matching your criteria. It costs money to search for earlier tests even if no suitable tests are found so we are unable to offer a full refund - we can’t take on all the financial risk - after all it’s you who wants that earlier test!

Are you using other similar services/apps?

If you are using other similar services or apps, please DON’T sign up to our service as well. The DVSA allow only one login into their booking system at a time per driving licence number. Multiple services/apps will essentially fight each other for access – as one logs in, the other is automatically logged out – at which point they can’t search for tests. The DVSA also limit the number of searches for tests that can be performed per hour. Multiple services/apps will reach the limit quickly and there will then be a period where no searches are possible until the limit resets...

Do you already have a test booked within a month or so?

If you have a test booked within the next month or so, we recommend that you DON’T sign up to our service. The chances you will be able to move your test earlier are slim. Any tests that do become available are likely to be too short notice for you/your driving instructor (who will already have lessons with other people booked in his/her diary).

It can take a month or more to offer earlier test dates...

At present, it can take a month or more for the service to offer earlier test dates. If you’re not happy to wait patiently while the service quietly searches for tests on your behalf, we recommend that you DON’T sign up at this time.

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