Driving Test Cancellations - Driving Test Strikes Called Off April 2024

Driving test examiners were set to walk out for more days in April but thankfully an agreement was made and strikes have now been called off. The strikes were planned for late April and were due to pay disagreements. Examiners feel that they were not being paid the same as other government employees and were set to walk out again. It is not the first time that driving test examiners have called for strike as this dispute has been ongoing for a number of years but finally progress has been made.

What effect would this have on driving test dates?

Driving test cancellations are hot on most learner drivers raiders at the minute as the waiting list just seems to worsen year on year and if this driving test strike would have gone ahead it would have put thousands of learners drivers in a very difficult position as not only would they have lost the opportunity of taking their driving test but they would have been searching for cancellations as once your test is cancelled you are usually placed at the end of the queue and in some test centres that queue is 6 months long. Thankfully the planned strike has been called off (for now anyway) and so driving tests can now go ahead as planned and learners don’t need to worry about missing their test and can focus on passing.

Are there any further planned strikes?

We think its fair to say that there will be strikes in the future as the pay deal seems to be satisfactory but not quite what the examiners were looking for so we guess its only a matter of time before further planned strikes are promised. 72% of members accepted the deal so as we can see most are happy but the other 28% would surely be pushing for further strikes in the near future no doubt.

Can we still use Earlier Driving Test to find more driving test cancellations?

We are always here for you as driving test cancellations is something that not only do we specialise in but its something that we have been doing since 2010 and something we plan to continue doing until we are not needed anymore. You can also call or email us if you have any questions regarding driving test cancellations or anything driving related as our team are always happy to have a chat and help you through passing the driving test.

Good Luck!!