Driving Test Cancellations - How Can You Help Your Child Learn To Drive?

When your child first hits the age of 17, there will undoubtedly be one thought that runs through their mind, and this will be in relation to the fact that they are now at the legal driving age. No longer will you have to endure their pleads to take them to a friends house which is miles away; instead, they can begin to take some responsibility for themselves, and enjoy a new level of freedom and independence. However, before they reach this stage, they have to go through the tough learning process.

Pupil in car with her instructor

Though you might not realise it, there are certain things that you can do which will increase their prospect of passing their test. Whilst it is true that the majority of the responsibility will rest on the shoulders of your child’s instructor, you should not sit idly by. Despite our main line of work revolving around finding tests that are earlier than expected, Earlier Driving Test is also excellent from a consulting perspective. If you would like to hear our thoughts and suggestions on ways that you can play an active role in your child’s learning experience, feel free to continue your reading down below.

Theoretical Revision

Most aspiring drivers believe that once they have navigated the theory test, there is no need to retain any of the knowledge - after all, they have the certificate, and that is all that matters. Seasoned drivers, however, will realise that what has been learnt during the revision process will certainly come in handy in the future. Having a comprehensive understanding of the Highway Code, for instance, can be fantastic when driving in new locations. Being able to identify road signs with ease can mean that you can enjoy a safer driving experience, and will be useful during the practical examination. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to convince a learner to brush up on these skills.

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Although this might seem rather tedious, we strongly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to sit down with your child, and explain to them the benefits of doing some theory revision prior to their practical test. The time that is spent here will pay dividends further down the line, and this is something that you need to make clear. Whether you want to go through mock papers, or think that simply doing some reading over the more essential parts of the Highway Code, the results will not disappoint you. Rest-assured that after a successful examination, your child will thank you for encouraging them down this particular path.

Demonstrate Good Practices

To some of you, this may seem like common sense; others might think that this is just a myth, and that their driving style will have no impact on the way that their child drives. The reality of the situation is that your child will have seen you behind the wheel thousands of times over the years - they will have seen certain habits that you have displayed, and this will have had an impact on their perception of what they believe a ‘competent’ driver should be. Although it might be a little late to completely transform their views, it would not be a bad idea to try and refine your own techniques when their time comes to begin learning.

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Even the most minor adjustments can have huge repercussions during their test. For example, if you stop using one hand on the wheel, and begin to steer with two hands at all times, this can help to reinforce a safe practice that will go down well with your child’s examiner. Another simple-yet-effective change that you can implement is the way in which you pull out at junctions. In scenarios such as these, caution is something that can go a long way in securing a passing grade during a practical test. If you can showcase to your child that rather than being hasty in pulling, you should instead learn to look extensively, you might be able to oversee meaningful change in their approach to driving. As a parent, you have a responsibility to set a positive example.

Instructor Searching

As you will already be well-aware, the instructor that you have can have a massive impact on the type of driver that you turn out to be. If they are somewhat brash and overconfident in their manner, it could potentially mean that your child emulates this type of style, which is not what you will want to happen. Whilst you will certainly spend some time out on the road with your child, the majority of the burden will be on the shoulders of the instructor. After all, they will have undergone the relevant training to ensure that they have the skills needed to impart proper techniques onto their pupils. If you want to make sure that you won’t need to use a cancellation checker in the near future, it is vital that you take the necessary care in choosing a first-class instructor.

There are certain things that you need to keep an eye out for whilst browsing through the numerous driving schools in your local area. First-and-foremost, it could be worthwhile checking over the reviews and testimonials that have been written about them by previous clients. This should provide an indication as to the type of experience that your child will have. If they are somewhat lacking in quality, you might wish to look elsewhere. The type of vehicle which they have access to should also be factored into the equation, as this will typically be the car that your child will take the test in. Finally, try to locate an instructor that is friendly from the get-go; this will indicate that they can provide a calming presence during lessons, which is not something to take for granted.

Take Them Driving

Most parents would agree that if you want to play an active role in your child’s learning process, the best thing that you can do for them is to supervise them outside of their lessons. Usually, their instructor will take them out for an hour at a time - this can allow them to reinforce their basic skills and understanding. However, in order for their development to continue unhindered, they will need to practice whenever they can - this is where you will enter into the picture. Even a short 15 minute session, where you sit in the car whilst they attempt parallel parking manoeuvres, will do them the world of good.

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It is important to remember that this is not something that you will need to do straight away; after all, the instructor will need to lay the foundations first, before letting your child loose onto the roads without trained supervision. Once you are given the go-ahead, we suggest that you take smaller steps to start with - this will help to take the pressure off. Even if you go for shorter drives around your local roads, this can be fantastic at boosting confidence levels. The practice that they get with you can ensure that when their next lesson comes around, they can impress their instructor and hopefully push onto the next level.

What Can We Offer You?

As a parent, you have a responsibility to nurture and encourage your child in any venture that they set out to achieve - driving is no exception. Naturally, you will want what is best for them, and you may have your own ideas about the ways in which things should be done. However, they are their own person, and this is their journey - after all, you are not their driving instructor. Instead, you should support them however you can. In some instances, this could mean studying with them for their theory test; other days, it might mean soliciting the services of Earlier Driving Test to source a practical driving test.

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If you have been searching high-and-low for an earlier test to the one that has been offered to you whilst searching the DVSA website, you are in luck - Earlier Driving Test is here to help. In case you weren’t already aware, we are a company that predominantly looks to find cancellations, and subsequently offer them to our vast customer base. Should your child be determined to get their license ahead of schedule, it could prove to be worthwhile scrolling through the current driving test dates that we have available.

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