Driving Test Cancellations - Recent Strikes to Driving Tests and its affect on driving lessons

Many driving examniers over the years have felt that as well as being overworked and underpaid, they are facing unsatisfactory Pension plans and reduntancy policies due to the government not doing enough to cater for them. In order for change and to improve their current situatiuon the (PCS) Public and Commercial Services have planned strikes that many driving test examiners will undertake in order to voice their feelings.

What dates will the strikes be and which test centres wil be affected?

The whole of Wales, the South east and South west of England incluing London will be striking from Wednesday the 4th of January 2023 to Tuesday the 10th of Januray 2023.

The East Midlands, West Midlands and the East of England will be going on strike on Wednesday the 28th of December 2022 to Saturday the 31st December 2022 including Tuesday the 3rd January 2023.

Yorkshire, the Humber and the North east of England will be striking on Monday the 19th December 2022 to Saturday the 24th December 2022.

Scotland and the North east of England are going to strike first by striking on Tuesday the 13th December 2022 to Sunday the 18th December 2022.

What affect will this have on driving tests?

Any driving test that is booked for those dates will be moved automatially by the (DVSA) Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to the next available date. Currently some driving test centres have an 18 week waiting list so some learner drivers will find themselves waiting until May possibly June for their next driving test. This is an absolute nightmare to many learner drivers as they face forking out more money on ever increasing driving lessons in order to maintain being 'test ready'. Many learner drivers are also relying on passing this driving test for employment reasons so these industrial strike actions will not be welcomed by most.

Is it only learner drivers that will be affected?

It will also be:

  • Motorbike tests
  • (ADI) Approved Driving Instructor part 2 and part 3 tests will be affected
  • Specialist Vehicle driving tests including tractors
  • Bus, Coach, Lorry and minibus driving tests also known as vocational tests
All of which will be affected and their test dates will be moved to the next available dates.

Will my theory test date be affected?

Fortunately Theory test dates for any type of driving test will go ahead as planned and will not be affected by the strike dates planned above.

Our thoughts...

Its never an easy situation for driving test examiners to chose to take striking action but sometimes this is the only way they feel they can have their voices heard and see action take place.

Undoubtfully these actions will affect thousands of driving tests up and down the country as this will add to the current backlog of driving tests as well as add more frustration to driving test candidates but over time things will resume back to normal. If you have a driving test that will be affected by one of these industrial strikes and feel that you cannot wait months ahead then feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you find a more suitable test date.