Driving Test Cancellations - The Life of a Driving Test Examiner

Probably one of the most feared and hated job roles in all of the UK but being a driving test examiner has its perks too. Having a job role where you regularly break peoples dreams of getting that driving licence isn’t a job that many people would like to be involved in but without examiners, I’d say that we would have a lot of unsafe drivers on the road. Can you imagine the havoc it would all cause? Bad drivers would be all over the road and careful drivers would probably end up becoming bad drivers as that might just be the only way to gain an advantage on the roads. Sounds scary and that’s why driving test examiners have their role to play in keeping the UK roads as safe as they possibly can.

Who are driving test examiners?

It would make sense if we said that the majority of driving test examiners used to be driving instructors. Driving instructors that were fed up with working varied hours, irregular work, dealing with late payments or no shows and not being paid holiday, pension and the likes. By being an examiner means that they can work set hours, guaranteed pay, sick pay, holiday pay, pension and they know exactly how much money they would receive each month without the stresses of not knowing when the next learner would come from. Driving instructors also have an added advantage in knowing the rules of the road as well as having practiced mock tests with their pupils they can pick up the driving test examiner training a lot quicker than someone without any relevant experience.

Do examiners need to be as strict as some say they are?

I’m not sure you could call them strict but yes, they need to keep the driving test standard high in order for the best and safest drivers to be allowed onto our roads. If you have kids, you will undoubtedly want a strict policy where only safe and careful drivers are given driving licences as you wouldn’t want idiots speeding down the road where your kids are playing out. At the same time, if you have teenagers going for this driving test, you’d also want to make sure that they were ready to be on the road in order to limit the fear of them being involved in road collisions.

What makes being a driving test examiner appealing?

Well, some compare it to a teaching job as they are on a similar pay to a school teacher, similar hours, less holiday to take but no homework to do after work. It’s a government job so you will get all the perks from the government plus a job for life. You can see why many driving instructors go on to becoming an examiner.

Is it an upgrade to being a driving instructor?

Well, I wouldn’t say an upgrade as many driving instructors prefer the flexible hours, the interaction between the pupils, teaching new subjects and seeing the progress as well as of course, the high rates of pay as driving lessons have skyrocketed over the last 12 months. Although saying this, being an examiner suits many instructors as it’s a guaranteed, constant job that many look up to.


Personally, I would say that being a driving test examiner is less stressful than being an instructor and more assured too. If its perks that you’re after rather than good money in the now, then working for the DVSA as an driving test examiner might be the better choice, as after all, you’ve got the backing of being a civil servant behind you as well as the union, none of which driving instructors can claim to be part of.

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