Driving Test Cancellations - Using COVID-19 Downtime To Prepare For Your Driving Test

As you are probably already aware, due to coronavirus, all theory tests have been suspended. Whilst tests are still available for essential key workers, for the majority of people hoping to get their license, you may have to wait much longer than you had planned.

Of course, due to the social distancing rules put in place by the government, your driving lessons are likely to have been suspended too. This may have left you worried about getting back into driving again after the lockdown in the UK is lifted and it goes without saying that you will want to do all you can to ensure that you’re ready to pass your test whenever it may be that you get to take it.

To help anyone wanting to continue preparation for their driving test during the current lockdown, our team here at Earlier Driving Test have put together some helpful tips. We understand how frustrating driving test cancellations can be, but with the help of the tips below you can make sure that you feel ready to pass your test as soon as you can get back behind the wheel.

Go over your theory

When you pass your theory test you will be informed that your certificate is only valid for two years from the date you pass. Unfortunately, if you’re unable to pass your practical test within this two year period, even if it is due to unforeseen circumstances like coronavirus, you will have to take another theory test.

It is beneficial to use your time in lockdown to go over your theory, whether you have plenty of time left on your certificate or not. Of course, every time you get into a car, your theory knowledge will benefit you and it is essential that you remember what road signs and markings mean. You can almost guarantee that if you have forgotten the majority of your theory then you won’t be ready to pass your test.

Why not re-download any apps you had to practice for your theory, get back out any workbooks and go over any DVDs? You will more than likely have some spare time on your hands at the moment so use this time wisely. Doing this will constantly refresh your memory and ensure that you are ready for your test, whenever it may be.

Get to grips with how the test works

It is impossible to be too prepared for your practical driving test and even if you can’t go and physically get in a car, there are still things you can do to prepare yourself for the test itself. Every single test follows a similar structure and includes certain things, so we recommend using your time during lockdown wisely to find out what will happen on the day of your test.

Currently, there are 5 parts to the driving test (this is the same for both manual and automatic cars;

1. An eyesight check

This is a very simple and quick check that will happen before you set off from the test centre. Your examiner will ask you to read a number plate that is approximately 20m away and it is essential that you can do this correctly or you will fail and the test will be terminated.

2. ‘Show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions

You will then be asked 2 different questions known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. The ‘tell me’ question will be at the beginning of your test before you start driving and the ‘show me’ question will be while you’re driving. These questions aren’t there to catch you out and they’re usually fairly simple.

3. General driving ability

Throughout your test, the examiner will be looking at your general driving ability. The examiner will give you directions to follow and will take you round a driving test route. Unfortunately, these routes aren’t published but, your instructor may have taken you around similar areas previously.

4. Complete a manoeuvre

At some point, the examiner will ask you to either; parallel park at the side of the road, park in a parking bay or pull up and reverse. They will give you clear instructions, so simply follow these. Your instructor will have prepared you for this specific part of your test, so don’t panic.

5. Independent driving

The last part of your test will be independent driving, this will last for around 20 minutes. You will either need to follow a sat nav or traffic signs, but your examiner will inform you which to use. Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn during this time, they won’t give you a fault for this, they will simply help you get back to the route.

Your test will finish when you arrive back at the test centre and the examiner will then inform you of how you did.

All in all, taking some time to understand what will happen during your test will prevent any panic on the day. You will know exactly what is coming and feel confident to undertake anything asked by the examiner. If you have any questions at all about the practical test, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor. They will more than likely get back to you even during lockdown.

Research the most common test faults

Another thing that may be beneficial is to look into common reasons why people fail their driving tests or typical faults that people receive. Although there is no predicting what will happen during your test, if you’re aware of common faults, you can make a conscious effort to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes.

There is lots of information out there relating to common test faults, so you will easily be able to do some research. You should be able to find blogs from examiners and instructors too, so you can ensure that you’re getting advice from the best people. Again, this is something else you can discuss with your instructor as well and they will probably be happy to help.

Stay positive and don’t lose hope

It can be really easy to get into a negative mindset when you experience a driving test cancellation. Whilst we understand that you were probably all geared up to take your test and it can be infuriating when your test date has to change, you never know it could end up benefiting you in the long run.

Try to stay positive about taking your test again and use the spare time that you have to prepare yourself even more. Don’t lose hope, you will pass your test eventually and you will be incredibly proud of yourself. So, don’t sit around moping about your driving test cancellation, be productive and help your future self. After all, no one really knows when tests will start up again and you may only have a couple of weeks warning for your new date.

Booking a driving test ASAP

Hopefully, the tips above can help you to ensure that you’re in a good position to pass your driving test when we are allowed out of lockdown. Of course, it goes without saying that you will probably require a couple of refresher lessons before your new test date to ensure that you’re familiar with your instructor’s car again and you can iron out any creases before you turn up for your test.

If you already had your driving test booked before the lockdown then you can expect to receive an email which will tell you the new date and time of your test. It is likely this will be around 3 months after your original date. However, there are no promises and new dates may differ. You can expect to receive this email around 2 weeks before your original test date.

As always, when test centres are back up and running again there is likely to be quite a few cancellations as not everyone will be able to make their new given test date. So, if you want to take your test as soon as possible then it will be beneficial to keep an eye out for these driving test cancellations. Of course, if your aim is to book a test as early as you can then, this is something that we can help you with here at Earlier Driving Test, so visit our website today to find out more.