Finding tests couldn’t be easier

Our job is to find you suitable tests at the test centre of you choice

Thank you for your interest in our driving test cancellation app. We are a service that allows you to continue your day whilst knowing that you can still book earlier test dates at the touch of a button.

Not sure of what will be the perfect date? That’s fine, gives us a date range of two weeks or more and we’ll send you dates that match your criteria. If you can’t do that date then don’t reply to the message and we will keep sending you more.

Just register onto our buy page which only takes a few minutes and once you’ve received our text and email confirmation that’s it, leave the rest to us. It’s that quick and easy.

Make sure you keep within the speed limit

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Need a driving test from us but can’t respond to the text in time?

No need to worry. If you are not able to respond to the text in the allocated 15 minute window then we can put you on to our automated booking system. Here we will only need the dates that you really want to take your test in and then we’ll book the next test that becomes available and send you the confirmation.

If you find that you or your instructor can’t take the test we’ve booked for you then move the test back to a date further away, contact us and give us your new dates and we’ll get back to work finding you more test dates, all at no extra cost.

Use our driving test cancellation app and get yourself a real car

Want to sign up but have few questions?

We like questions, especially when’s it’s about the thing we do best, finding earlier test dates. Whatever question you have whether it’s how it all works to booking a test at multiple test centres, if it’s not in the FAQs list then contact us and our friendly support team will be there to answer it.

Customer service is an integral part of our business and we like to interact with our customers when needs be so when you do choose to find a company that books earlier test dates ensure to use our driving test cancellation app.